Rental properties for movies and shows

Movie Sets / Rentals
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    Small Businesses (under 2000 square feet0 (6)
        Barber shop
        Butcher shop
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    Small Businesses (under 2000 square feet0 (6)
        Barber shop
        Butcher shop
        Convenience Store
        Take out food joints
        Hair Salons
        Coffee shop
        Hardware Store
        Donut Shop
        Cheese shop
        Men's wear store
        Women's Fashion Shop
        Video Arcade
        Golf /Country clubs
        Horse/ Auto Racing Tracks
        Pool Hall
        Book store
        Ice cream parlors
        Gas stations
        Movie theaters
        Jewelry shop
        Martial Arts studio
        Yoga/Pilates studios
        Dry Cleaners
        Army Surplus
        Night Club
        Car Dealership
        Antique Shop
        Internet Cafe
        Appliance store
        Motorcycle Dealership
        Funeral Homes
        Mini Golf
        Auto mechanic
        Yacht Clubs/ Marinas
        Pet shops

    Government Building
        Public Parks
        Art Galleries
        College and University properties
        High Schools
        Rec Centre's
        Rinks & Sports Feilds

    Film StudiosPlaces of Worship
        Fx studios
        Green screen studios
        Studio's up to 7K
        Studios 7k - 14K
        Multi Stage facilities
        Studios over 14K

    Film support facilitiesFarming properties (1)
        Carp shop
        Piant space
        Set and props storage
        Wardrobe shops
        Production offices
        Unit/Crew Parking
        rehearsal halls

    Not for Profit Performance Venues (3)
        Performance Venues 300 - 700 seats
        Performace Venues under 300 seats
        Performance Venues over 900 seats
        Rehearsal halls - not for profit
        Lunch room/ B.G.Holding - Not for Profit

    Corporate Events/ Wrap Party Venues(1)

    Parking lots

    Industrial Properties
        Warehouse over 5000 sq"
        Ware houses under 5.000 square feet

    Residential properties (12)
        Homes over 4000 sq feet
        Homes under 4000 sq feet

    Bars Clubs and Restaurants (2)Rooms for rent for cat and crew
        Bar's/ Restaurants under 2000sq'
        Bars & Restaurants over 2000sq'

    Standing sets (1)
        Jail sets
        Court room sets
        Exterior back lots

    Swimming pools (1)Indoor residential Small commercial
        Indoor Public
        Outdoor Public
        Outdoor Residential

    Stairwells (1)

    Loading docks (1)

    Public spaces/ lobbies, over 2000 square feet (1)

    Cafeterias (1)

    Dance Studios (1)

    Kitchens - large commercial

    Private schools


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