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1686 Mattawa Ave Mississauga, ON L4X 1K2

Rosehill Wine Cellars

Rosehill Wine Cellars

Services and products include:

  • wine cellar consulting
  • wine cellar construction
  • wine cellar design
  • wine racks (wood and metal)
  • custom wine racks
  • wood wine racks
  • wine storage equipment
  • wine cabinets
  • wine fridges
  • wine accessories





Established in Toronto, Canada in 1983 by Gary LaRose.Their competitive edge comes from product knowledge and the attention they provide to their customer's needs.


If your needs for wine cellar accessories and ideas are aroused, drop by the ier showroom in Etobicoke and see the possibilities. Otherwise, visit their website for a full range of products and services.


Rosehill Wine Cellars has a long reputation of being a premier wine cellar contractor, both in design and construction.      


I established Rosehill as a general renovation company in 1983. Over the years we have worked in many of the finer homes in Toronto, Canada. In 1995 we built our first wine cellar and I realized that this was the field I experienced a passion for, and wanted to specialize in. Since that time we have expanded to include all the wine storage products you see featured on this site. Our goal is to be one of the top companies in North America supplying products for wine storage. Included with our product offerings is the designing and building of custom wine cellars.

Our competitive edge is product knowledge, which is evident when you talk to any of our company representatives. I like to think that we are in the business of selling trust. This trust gives customers the confidence that they are getting the right information for any of the products we sell. Each customer is a person and not a statistic. At Rosehill, we are thrilled that we get to share our design skill and installation tips with our customers so that they can do a great job on their own cellars (and obviously we'd like to sell you the products you require!).

Your wine deserves the very best home and we're here to help!

My thoughts on the shopping process...
Once upon a time, there was no "e-commerce" and shopping was the same way for thousands of years; you knew who you were buying from. Now, many people are converts of e-commerce, and have the ability to shop online by pointing-and-clicking. I am a relationship shopper and it is something that I miss with true e-commerce.

We try to provide more than just being the cheapest price (and we actively shop our competitive sites to ensure we are in line). We are constantly making improvements to our website and include as much product information as possible to ensure customers are best educated. We put a lot of work into our website and appreciate all of the customer feedback to make it even better. We think the extra effort of a detailed website gives us a competitive advantage and a strong customer following.

I believe that it is very important you know who you buy from and how they treat you. We want to put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy a shopping experience with a trusted retailer. Therefore, we offer alternative ways for you to buy from us. We encourage our customers to shop by phone, fax or e-mail. However, reluctantly as I may feel, e-commerce is the most efficient way of purchasing.

Rosehill still gives the human connection that can make shopping enjoyable. It also allows us to ensure you have chosen the products that will best suit your needs. And we will feel that we have made another friend who shares the passion of wine collecting.

We value our customers and their feedback and are always eager to improve as a company. We are pleased that many of our customers have independently written positive comments about us in various different chat groups.

Please check out our website and you will see that we offer quality service and products at a competitive price. Your anticipated patronage is very much appreciated.

Gary LaRose
Rosehill Wine Cellars